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CA Pre-Licensing ONLINE

California Notary Public Pre-Licensing Course Includes an e-book copy of our California Manual, a $29.97 value.

CA Continuing Education ONLINE

California Notary Continuing Education Includes an e-book copy of our California Manual, a $29.97 value

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Improve Memory Use mnemonic devices -These learning tricks, like acronyms and rhymes, make remembering lists and details easier. Do brain exercises – Brain exercises stimulate the pre-frontal cortex and improve memory. Avoid caffeine – Caffeine affects blood flow to the brain and can impede memory function. Eat brain foods -Nutrient-rich foods help with brain development

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New Site!

We have just launched our newly redesigned site.

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What Our Students Say About Us

You have a great course. I believe that all notary applicants should receive your training because it is so much clearer and easy to understand than reading the book provided by the state. I have already recommended your program to all of my co-workers.


( Sacramento, CA )

I was so afraid that I would fail the notary exam. After signing up for your course and reviewing the material I could see that you had a well thought out test preparation system. Your material is excellent! Additionally, after I completed the sample tests, my fear turned to total confidence. By the way, I got 28 of the 30 questions correct, now I see why you're known, in the industry, as "Doctor Notary" thanks.


( Palo Alto, CA )

I needed an online class that was well written and flexible. Your course allowed me to work at my pace and from different locations on my laptop. Thanks for creating an effective program that fits around my schedule.


( Los Angeles, CA )

Just as you said " I passed my examination on my first try. Your material is fantastic, especially your practice exams! Your sample tests are so good and similar to what I saw on the actual state exam I could not have been more prepared.


( San Jose, CA )

I want to express my appreciation for your test preparation material. I had previously taken the state examination and failed it. Your "no pass no pay" offer made choosing The Notary Public Institute a no brainer " wish I had chosen you the first time! I passed and I feel really confident and well prepared for my role as a notary.


( Fairfield, CA )

“I enjoyed reading and learning from your California State Notary Public: A Guide and Reference Manual. Great stuff! The Notary Public Institute provides the information that will prepare one for passing the notary xam. And, I did with a 91% score! Thank you Dr. Notary!


( Boulder Creek, CA )

When I went to take my exam I was the only person in the room taking it for the first time - everyone else was there for their second or third attempt. The proctor actually suggested scheduling a second examination appointment to re-take the exam when I was finished! Well, there was no need, because thanks to my course preparation I PASSED it the FIRST TIME! Thank you, Notary Public Institute!!!


( Chowchilla, CA )

Very Professional!


( Ventura, CA )

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